Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hockey Fan ...

Watching the Game With Daddy

Ian sent this photo ... of Daigen ...
with this caption ...

"My bud watchin the game with me."

How adorable ...
Daigen so intent on this Stanley Cup Game ... !!!

Does he know whose going to win ...?
Vancouver Canuks or Boston Bruins ... ?
we"ll see ...


  1. There is still 5 minutes left..time enough to score 3 goals? Great shot, I am sure Daigen will treasure this!

  2. Posted this email for Caroline :

    Hey Christa,
    Blogger is still not allowing me to comment..
    So all I can say it is wonderful to see your grandson watching the game with his Dad.....
    I hope the game turns around ..not looking so good right now..
    Have a great evening


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