Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Special Day ...

Early gifts for my Birthday today ...
bought while shopping in Calgary this week ...
so happy to get a new pair of boots ...
and a new jacket ...

Have other gifts and cards waiting to be opened ... 
I feel so special ... !!!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to you❤we will celebrate this special day together..maybe you will come here for a week of fun! Xoxox
    You are so special to me!

  2. Happy birthday hope u enjoy your gifts youjust need to fix the ribbon.... little hands were playing with! N Daigen decided to give you something pretty special that at first i thought he was keeping but helped wrap it up and put in the box for you. love k

  3. Happy birthday Christa and you are special to everybody who knows you,but first of all to me.Love you. M
    Good looking boots,enjoy your day.

  4. Happy Birthday Christa...wishing you a very special day!!


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