Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Farewell Tante Pauli ...

It's hard to believe a month has already gone by ...
Tante Pauli is going home today ...
back to Austria ...
We have had some wonderful times together ...
and the two of them have been enjoying 
lots of adventure ... parties ... visiting ... making new friends ...
and just too much FUN & LAUGHTER ... !!!

Travel safe .... Ich Liebe Dich .. !!!


  1. It's crying time at my place ! We did have a good time ,thank you Pauli . M.

  2. Oh Christa poor you - the goodbyes are the worst... I know all about that.
    I live in New Zealand and my daughter and her family live in France.
    My trips there are bitter sweet as always in the back of my mind is departure day!

    I've popped in from Dagmars - I loved the bunny post you both shared.
    I've got my Miss Maggie kit but I've got my youngest granddaughters Christmas stocking to finish embroidering before I start something new!

    Shane x


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