Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Day in Carvel, AB

Dec. 25, 2010

Christmas with Nathan, Katie, Craig, James & Ella

We arrived at the Knight household in Carvel after having Christmas morning and breakfast in Millet. The kids were so excited to see us as we were just as excited to see them. It was a crazy time looking at all the gifts the grandchildren received from Santa and everyone else. The boys had their new Nintendo DS's with a camera feature ... oh dear there were some pretty interesting photos being taken ... they also had Lego sets, mechano sets, bakugans, etc. The boys were busy building with dad and grandpa (I think the 2 bigger kids were more involved than they needed to be) and then there was Miss Ella ...

How excited was she at 3 yrs old to get Barbie make-up ...!!! She was busy playing dress-up and applying make-up to whom ever would stand still ... our little Princess ... ! Katie had been busy in the kitchen getting turkey dinner together. Was time now to go out and play in the snow ...!!!

After a few hours of sliding, crashing, wipe outs, lost out in the weeds ... we headed indoors for some hot chocolate and goodies ... Katie was busy with the final preparations for our dinner ... it felt strange not cooking for a large group this year ... a nice change ... spent this time playing games with the grandchildren .

Christmas dinner was absolutely delicious ... we were are all stuffed ... while we were busy on kitchen duty ... the kids decided that Grandpa needed a workout ... their favorite passtime is to be dragged around the house ... the carpeting in the hallway proposed a problem with Craig keeping his pants on ... the kitchen floor allowed them to slide easily and it definitely saved the muscle tension on grandpa's legs ... the laughter was infectious ... what fun they were having ...!!!

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  1. Wonderful post your stories that go with the photos. Looking forward to the NY's posts.


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