Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas in Millet, AB ...

Dec. 24, 2010
Our Christmas with Ian, Kendall & Daigen

Spending the afternoon outside playing on the snowmobile, sledding on the hills, snowballs, and making snow angels... later preparing our dinner for the Xmas Eve festivities with Kendall's family

What a pleasant surprise that Nathan and the grandchildren came for dinner ... (missing Katie as she was called to work). This was the first time that we were celebrating Xmas Eve here ... normally we would have been in Mayook at Oma's house having a traditional meal (she was on Vancouver Island with Kurt and his family). Ian insisted that we continue with this tradition ... consisting of European wieners, warmed potatoe salad, sauerkraut and fresh bread ... Little did Kendall's family know what they were in for ... it turned out great ... no complaints after they were guided in the traditional way of eating this meal ... that the wieners were not cut but taken whole and dipped in German mustard swirled with Horseradish ... was delicious ... !!
The kitchen was buzzing with the sounds of another tradition of making the "Knight Family Fudge" ... this recipe has been passed down for generations to the MEN ... no women allowed !!! Except, it seems when it's time to clean up the mess and the guys boast about how good it turned out ..!
A night of visiting, singing, playing games, drinking, eating and lots of laughter .... the children now sleepy and families leaving to go home and finish with the last minute preparation for Christmas morning ... making sure that the milk, cookies and carrots were set out for Santa Claus and his Reindeer ... with all the work completed it was our time to sit back and relax ... another tradition before heading off to bed, was to watch "A Christmas Carol"

Dec. 25, 2010
Christmas morning ... Daigen was up bright and early today ... no sleeping in ... Kendall kept him in his room until we were ready with the cameras to capture the surprise in his eyes as he saw the treasures around the tree ... overwhelmed by it all he turned around and went back into his room ... after some coaxing he was excited to venture back and start opening some gifts... planes, trains, automobiles, firetruck and station, GT Racer, games, books, oh my !!!!
A special gift from my mom ... a collection of photos of her life ... from Austria to Canada ... I was given an album of my dads life last year for Christmas ... I will treasure them dearly ...!!

Mike's Gift
created by Christa

I was excited for Mike to receive this gift. In memory of his Uncle Coo ...
Flying Officer Wilfred Lesley Knight

who was killed in action in WWII in a plane crash
He was a Belly Gunner in a Bomber Crew.
Mike never knew his Uncle, and this picture of his grave meant alot to him as his middle name is "Wilfred"
Thank you to Dagmar and her family, for taking the time go to the Cemetery to take this photo while they were vacationing in Sri Lanka

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  1. did such a wonderful job on your blog..getting it up any running. I am so proud of you. Great blog about your different Christmas this year and how you just went with the flow for to be with your kids.


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