Saturday, March 24, 2012

Snowstorm ...

What an adventure ... heading out on Thursday, March 22 ... to drive up to see the grandchildren ... woke up to a snowstorm up on the hill ... we never know what the roads are like until we reach the valley floor ... the highway seemed to be okay ... but ... after the tunnel at Fernie it was quite a different story ... near whiteout conditions ... until the turn off onto Hwy2 all the way thru Calgary and Airdie ... stopped there for a break ... then drove a few minutes and it started to snow again ... Red Deer area was a nightmare ... all the way to Leduc ... stopped to see Daigen and Nixon for a few minutes ... then off towards Stoney Plain ... took me hours ... finally reaching my destination around 7:30pm ... what a joyful sight when I could see their driveway ... my vehicle was covered in frozen slush ... it looked I had been ploughing thru drifts of snow ... I actually was ... !!! I'll be waiting for the weather to clear up before I drive back home ... !!!!


  1. So glad you made it there safely! Hopefully the roads will be fine on your way back! ❤

  2. Melting here today...I hope you have good roads on your way home.
    Drive safe.How did Kendal like the pottery?


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