Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mayook Bambini …

The Mayook Community purchased a Baby Zamboni …
called a Bambini …
 to improve the ice surface 
for skating on Ha Ha Lake (Rothwell's Lake)
Thanks to Larry and Don for doing all the work creating the two rinks
 for the community to play hockey and skate on
  The rinks have been well used over the holidays. 

Plans are in the works for a fun drop hockey game one Saturday afternoon…
 with a bon fire, hotdogs and hot chocolate and maybe a curling game …
 In the meantime we are enjoying the beautiful ice conditions …
 while we have it.


  1. Wonderful ----- what a great place to live ------ have fun ! M.

  2. What a great investment and a big hooray to the people that volunteer to do such good things for the community..it makes the world a much better place..great photos, Christa..I know how. Ugh fun you and the kids had on those rinks.


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